Cancer Never Quits

And Neither Do We

Thank you Len!

len completed his ride 2 days early!

But we are still fundraising.

1400 kms

June 5-13  2020

You can help.

Dear Friends,


We trust and hope that you and your family are well and that this Covid-19 challenge will soon be behind us with minimal additional fallout.


Having said that, 2020 presents some unique challenges for the Kids with Cancer Society. Their fundraising initiatives have been negatively impacted due to Covid-19. The inability of large groups to come together to raise funds for this organization has affected their budget by 67%. Children are still getting cancer, even in this pandemic.


With this significant financial exposure and the fact that we have many new cases of childhood cancer  affecting families in Alberta and elsewhere; the Managers Group of Alberta Gas Co-ops are promoting Len Spratt, Board Chairman for Gas Alberta and advocate for Kids  with Cancer Society, coming out of “retirement” for what we believe to be a unique ride in support of the kids and their families.


Cancer doesn’t quit…and neither do we!


Len will ride solo from High Level Alberta to Cardston Alberta. A total of 1400 kms! He will accomplish this in eight days, June 5th through June 13th. He will be supported during his ride by his partner Donna. Len will be well looked after and even rescued from the ditch if necessary.


We understand there is a significant demand for your help from many other organizations. The Managers of Alberta Gas Co-ops golf tournament has been cancelled for 2020 and we are asking those that would normally attend our annual charity golf tournament to consider a donation equivalent to what one may pay for registration and other expenses. We have set an ambitious goal to raise $100,000. We appreciate all the efforts you and your organization can make towards this goal.


Due to the early June time frame of this endeavor, we are grateful for your prompt donation and thank you sincerely for your help.

You can donate through the links provided on this page.

Your tax-deductible receipt will be issued to you via email immediately.





Managers Group of Alberta Gas Co-ops­

Len Spratt

My regular activity these days involves extreme adventure tourism on bicycle and mountain climbing.

I currently act as Chair Gas Alberta Inc. in Calgary Alberta.


My charity of choice is Kids with Cancer where I have participated for twelve years and often lead the Tour of Hope on bicycle. 


Len's Journal


Cycling 1,400 km to raise funds for Kids With Cancer

Battling wind, rain and cooler temperatures while cycling throughout Alberta is nothing compared to what kids with cancer have to go through.It’s that thought that keeps 70-year-old Len Sprat…



For more information about the event, feel free to contact us.

Kerri Strebchuk, Prairie River Gas Co-op




Val Leifso, Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op         



Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops